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Unaccompanied Minor

Unaccompanied Minor


"April [Mae Manning] is a fantastic narrator: smart, funny, angry, and gifted in sarcasm. The other characters . . . have more depth than they first appear to . . . A fun read that combines believable characters and an outrageous situation and manages to make it all work." — Booklist

Fourteen-year-old April May Manning spent her life on airplanes with her flight attendant parents. When her father dies in a crash, April's mom marries a pilot who turns out to be an abusive jerk, and gets Mom confined to a psychiatric hospital. So April takes off, literally, living on airplanes, using her mother's flight benefits, relying on the flight crews who know she's been shuttling between divorcing parents for a year. Then, there's a hijacking, but why is April's "dad" on board? April flees to the cargo hold with another unaccompanied minor she's met before, and they fight to thwart the hijackers, faking a fire, making weapons from things they find in luggage. At last, locked in the cockpit with a wounded police officer, the boy, and his service dog, April tries to remember everything her parents said to do in a crisis above the clouds. But she knows it won't be enough.


Trailer Trashed: My Dubious Efforts Toward Upward Mobility

Trailer Trashed:
My Dubious Efforts Toward Upward Mobility

Hardcover, signed

"Interesting sketches focus on the personal. Readers...will find a lot to enjoy." — Publishers Weekly

"Can a book be bust-out hilarious and also break your heart? Hollis Gillespie's roller coaster memoir, Trailer Trashed, does just that. In it, she manages to remember not only herself, but each of us, as well." — Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean and The Midnight Twins

"If you enjoy your humor twisted like a molly bolt, Gillespie is your gal. One of the few writers who require stretching warm-ups to avoid pulling something in a laughing seizure." — Tim Dorsey, author of Atomic Lobster

"If Hollis Gillespie was a character in one of my books, I'm sure she'd be the feisty, headstrong best friend who says something really, really funny before getting whacked in the head with a machete."
— Karin Slaughter, author of Fractured

Once upon a time, Hollis Gillespie was ashamed about having a hard-drinking, trailer-salesman dad and a missile-making mom with broken dreams of being a beautician. That was then. This is now. Trailer Trashed is a hilarious and heartbreaking collection of essays on one broad theme—Hollis’s relationships with her offbeat sisters, her precocious daughter, her bizarre friends, and the people they love. Brimming with irreverent, side-splitting observations on life that will wow fans of Augusten Burroughs and Sarah Vowell, Trailer Trashed follows an offbeat single mom through the raucous journey of her life, from hauling a safe to Nicaragua for her sister to selling a television series in Los Angeles for herself.


Confessions of a Recovering SlutConfessions of a Recovering Slut:
And Other Love Stories

Hardcover, signed

"A very trippy trip through Gillespie's head, rendered in glittery, jangly, spectacularly vulgar prose."
Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Candid. Wise. Funny." — Marie Claire

"A bleakly comic masterpiece." — Dallas Morning News

"Riotous, raunchy and surprisingly touching." — Miami Herald

"A Second Helping of self-consciously quirky, bite-sized anecdotes . . . Fans of the Atlanta writer's potty-mouthed humor and frank observations will find plenty of both here." — Washington Post

"If you judge a book by its title, you might think Gillespie's latest collection of autobiographical essays features torrid tales of bed-hopping and boozing. You'd be half-right..." — New York Post (4 star review)


Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch:
Tales from a Bad Neighborhood

Hardcover, signed

"Riotous . . . rib-crackingly funny tales." — Vanity Fair

"Raucous." — Entertainment Weekly

"Zesty . . . sometimes tender, but mostly just wry and a bit wild, Gillespie's writing is like the best radio commentary, leaving fans hungry for more." — Publishers Weekly

"Irreverent and earthy." — Booklist

"Funny and moving. Completely compelling." — San Francisco Chronicle


Recovering Slut

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Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch

Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch bumper sticker

Put some cash in Hollis' tip jar and get a sticker. All proceeds go to an unrepentant capitalist's evil plan to take over the world.